Wednesday, December 23, 2009

off-grid wood haulin'

Horses make wood gathering just a little more interesting and FUN! We now have 4 woodstoves to man betwix the cottage and the farm house! Wood is a daily activity for us... It is the best heat around and I should mention its free when you cut your own and your woodstoves are free-standing... Horses are not free to feed unless you grow and cut your own hay though, I am glad we can do this because these big guys can really EAT!


Horse Filled Days said...

I would love to have wood heat someday, we probably will when we build a house on the farm we bought last year. You're right, those draft horses can really put away the hay~~we have 4 horses and 4 big draft mules, but thankfully, we do grow and cut our own hay, or it would cost a fortune. But, I must say, they would be worth every dime~~don't you just love your horses? There is nothing like them, once you own them, they become some a big part of your life and family, escpecially when you depend on them to work and help you make your living. I couldn't imagine our farm without them.....

Kelle said...

One blessing of wood heat, that ofsets all the work involved in getting the wood, is when it's sub zero with windchill of -35 to-40F, you ALWAYS know that inside it's warm and toasty with a tea kettle already warming on the shelf and within moments you'll be ejoying a hot cup of cider, herbal tea or homemade cocoa.

Those draft horses do eat, don't they? This is why we chose a light draft breed, a Fjord, and they are as it is termed, easy keepers.

Since we got away from the commercialization of Christmas we've throughly enjoyed our time in celebrating our Savior's birth.

Blessing and Merry Christmas!

Horse Filled Days said...

Well...I can't seem to be able to spell today, I meant to say "they become SUCH a big part of your life and family" , and especially, not escpecially.. :-/

cityfarmer said...

your posts warm me to the bone ....

I am on the brink of a brand new idea....I think it will change my blog forever ...I will email you right after Christmas ...I want YOUR imput!

love to you from my country bumpkin house to yours!!
May Christ richly bless you and your family and all of your efforts.

Renata said...

It looks so lovely there!
My kids were asking me about a "one horse open sleigh" -as in jingle bells - I was able to show them your pictures & say it's kinda like this - satisfied these Aussie kids!
Thanks for sharing your pictures! I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family!
Renata :)

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Hokey toot! That's a heck of a lot of wood!
Looking forward to seeing you Christmas afternoon!

Home Sweet Home said...

I pray that you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas filled with the Light of the World...our Saviour.


RiverBend Farm said...

Buddy and I are trying to decide now which wood stove to put in our home. After becoming an evid reader of your blog, we've made a resolution to start the new year becoming extremely frugal. I anticipate a long journey but sure it will be a good one.
One big challenge here is the humidity.
Have a safe and blessed Christmas,
Berte in Texas

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