Tuesday, December 22, 2009

a surprise Christmas gift not under the tree...

Get the laundry on the line, bake some cookies and thats the holiday stress here... The holiday stress vanishes when you start on the path to becoming a conserver rather than a consumer. It wasn't always this way. We are glad to be heading in the right direction!"   ~HomemakerAng 2009

We did a lot of things different this year for Christmas:

buy new presents because you feel obligated  we made ONE stop to a cool local thrift store
piano recitals there is nothing wrong with this, we just opted out
church Christmas program  there is nothing wrong with this, we just opted out
last minute shopping nope
wise choices how to spend our time and where we would or would not go
visited a shopping plaza to buy something for gifts nope
went to WALMART this was a no brainer NOT to go
bought one thing on ebay and had it shipped here, it was slightly used (nothing wrong with new things)

We are learning as we go to be a conserver rather than a consumer and I was surprised that I did not have any stress for the Christmas season.  Just another added benefit I suppose of being a conserver... 

What blessings have you and yours received in your life from being a conserver rather than a consumer?  I would love to hear about them as we continue on our journey of conserving.

By the way, here is a close up of Bill


singingfeather said...

I've been doing this for the past 10 years. It wasn't easy and the kids and especially the grandkids put up a fuss. Now everyone is on board and loving it. Now it's about being together and enjoying each other. Not what am I getting or making up lists of what is expected. It's a wonderful life.

Anonymous said...

I started this year, our family time together is what's important, In fact my gift from our grown children is going to be a portrait of ALL the grand-babies in one setting! Priceless to me and much anticipated!
My gifts to grands are simple hand made ( by me) Ogden (Wholly) Stone necklaces made for the 3 older kids, and the baby girls have dolls and the baby boys trucks.
Only the baby boys gifts were bought.
Baked goods are still in baking, and each family can divide what is left before heading back to their homes.

cityfarmer said...

we're on year number 2 of editing ...gifts being the number one edit.
I will never go back

... to the mall either ..the grocery store is bad enough.
If Ang keeps having babies in December this will remain my focus

love ya

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I did most of my shopping at garage sales and thrift stores. I also made a lot of gifties....Farmhouse Fresh™ soaps and granola, dish rags I knit or crocheted, a scarf I made for Trena, I am still knitting a hat for Sam...YIKES! This has been the most fun year ever, and I hardly spent a thing!

RiverBend Farm said...

I made some handmade items but, after reading this, I am totally committed to a new year's resolution. Things are going to change around here!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Horse Filled Days said...

I have made almost all of my gifts this year~~homemade soaps, teas, baked goods, and have really cut back on all the stress related to Christmas. We decided just to enjoy time with the family and not focus on the shopping, gift giving, etc. I found your blog through another site, and I have read all your entries from start to finish since this morning. I think it is great that you and your family have chosen to live this simple way of life. Oh, by the way, I ADORE Bill..... :-)


Simple Mama said...

We love to make our own gifts for the ones we we hold dear. Since we own a handmade wooden toy company you can bet that most of the little ones in our lives get wooden toys made with lots of love. For the grandparents this year we started a new tradition for the Christmas tree. I traced our children's hands and cut their hand prints out of wood. Then I woodburned their name and the year and attached a ribbon to hang the hands on the tree. It will be so neat to watch the hand prints get bigger over the years.

Our children are also getting dolls made by me. Such simple gifts that get so much love over the years. I think my daughters doll from last year is still the most played with item from last Christmas.

Leigh said...

".....on the path to becoming a conserver rather than a consumer" That would be a great quote!

My kids birthdays are close to Christmas. When they were little, I told them that birthdays were a celebration of a person. Christmas was the celebration of Jesus, their birthdays were their celebration. For their birthdays, they would receive gifts. For Jesus birthday, we would give gifts, including a birthday present for Jesus. This was usually something like “Operation Christmas Child” shoe boxes for Samaritan's Purse. I told them they would receive gifts on Christmas too, but since it wasn't their birthday, it wouldn't be “big” gifts, rather “a lot of little.” The focus of our Christmas celebration was Advent, with 4 weeks of nightly family devotionals focusing on Jesus "coming," both His first and His looked forward to second.

Leigh said...

Oops, let me amend that. We didn't say "a lot of little" about Christmas gifts. We just said "little." "A lot of little" is what we said about kindling! :)

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