Thursday, December 3, 2009

What does an off-gird farm library look like?

Click to enlarge photos of just a shelf of our off-gridy, sustainable, earthy type farm books. MANY are scattered through the home for reading etc. Here is my helper librarian. There are 5 shelves on the "other sides" that you cannot see in this photo. We had these shelves put in right when we moved in last fall. Books are very important to us. You would never want to deal with me at a Library Book Sale :) I am so excited and leave with quite a bit!
In the process of organizing our library. we have 100's of books! We still are settling in here even after a year.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great library you have there!! I love books and love to read. And it's so good for the kids. They learn so much. So much better than playing useless video games! Your helper is adorable!! ...debbie

Dawn said...

Your book shelf sort of looks like my son's.

Kathy said...

I love all of your book shelves! We are completely remodeling our house and the plan is to make the den into a library full of beautiful books. The framework of the shelves will be made from salvaged, solid paneled doors. I can't wait. Your's give me wonderful inspiration.

Renata said...

I just love your library! We also love books here & have quite a few bookcases full - although not quite as many as yours!
Have a nice weekend!
Renata :)

A Country Homemaker said...

oh I just love the shelves! Very nice! I would love to have the "space" here to do that! :-)

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