Saturday, January 9, 2010

a 7-day Journal of Living off-grid at Maple Valley Farm WINTER

January 8, 2010 Day 4

Today was a blur. A wonderful blur! So many unexpected gifts from the Lord!
Breakfast consisted of rye organic rolled oats with kefir, dried fruit, sucanat and 7 grain cereal sprinkled on top. Then a wonderful addition to breakfast, our dear friend Cowboy Keith showed up!


It was a very busy day but rather uneventful, just busy… I will sleep well tonight due to a lot of fresh air.


I firmed up ice days for tomorrow… Keeping an account all day of the changing times until I find them firm here at 8:29pm

Chores were good, horses were wild this morning! It must be in the air.

GG and Keith went to the farm again were they were cutting ice. They got to enjoy a hearty lunch. The food was meatloaf, potato noodles, homemade orange ice-cream, and homemade bread with blueberry jam and baked beans. They did some errands with our friends and then they came back to the farm for some guy shop stuff.


We ran the pump today for 2 hours to fill the tank in the top of the barn for gravity feed to the house (the normal way we always do it). We have very good water! I am happy for that. No aftertaste or anything. We do this daily but I have not written about this.

The girls and I meal planned the big dinner for ice days tomorrow. Meatloaf, salad, potatoes, banana sour cream cake and church cookies! Maybe a few more things. This MONDAY, diet day for ang! I have that last 10-15 to loose since baby born and its going on 8 months so its time before I becomes a permanent fixture.


1:50 pm, prayed for farm girl cyn as she is in knee surgery!

Ruthie and I did a few errands today to get caught up for school starting on Monday. We went to the bank and more! She was fairly certain she saw “O’rock Obama” in the bank parking lot… She knew him by “his walk”, her words (you must know her that she was so serious when she said this) She also saw a bright light at dusk and wondered if the light was “people in China or just pollution?”… I love it!

We talked of some more irons in the fire. Can there be anymore? YES! A resounding yes! It is still a miracle from the Lord we are surviving on our income but we must continue to be diligent to find creative ways to earn a living from the farm.


Reload woodstoves for the umpteenth time (all winter we have a minimum of 2 going at all times and with laundry we start a 3rd and in the shoppe a 4th and the cottage the 5th!)

Our 2nd eldest gave the 2 babies baths tonight! I love the smell of baby hair! I love babies too! Well, you must have figured that out by now.

Did I say dishes again?????

The kinner and GG shoveled a large area of the pond again as tonight it will be in the single digits and that will freeze the ice thicker for ice cutting tomorrow. I am praying for safety tomorrow for everyone that will be here! I wonder if the horses, Bill and Jim, know what work they are up for tomorrow yet?

A HUGE BLESSING AGAIN: Liz D. dropped off supper tonight like she does a few times a month of Friday nights! A large pan of fresh Lasagna from Olive Garden with a wonderful salad and sandwiches from Panerra! I wasn’t up for cooking tonight as we are getting ready for tomorrow having another full dinner table and more. This was a huge blessing! THANKS LIZ if you are reading this! I will tell you more about Liz some other time.

And then, God delivered a gift to the farm again… A brand new torch with all the parts for welding for the GG… We have so many, many things to fix here. GOD, you are GOOD! You know the little things we need and the big things and I am just amazed once again for his provisions.

It is 8:47 pm. GG and Ruthie are playing the game of snout, The Great Him is giving horse orders, “Jim back up, HOA Bill, he almost says Pearl…”

The oldest 3 are ice skating, I am yawning, Baby girl is sleeping and it has been a great day.
I have no idea how I will journal tomorrow with as busy as it will be. It might be all pictures! What do you think? I hope to meet some of you tomrrow as well!

gut nacht...


goatmilker said...

Wow your familys days sound as busy as ours here on the farm do. Our son is 13 and does most of the chores here as your son does. my husband works Sat., Sun and Mon. He leaves our home at 5:30 a.m. and does not return until 6:45 p.m. so a long three days but good for farming. In saying that my son is incharge of the farm for those three days. He does she a good job. Guess you can tell I'am a pround mama. So as you have I have a responsible and helpful young man I can count on. Have a great day Angie and have fun with the ice cutting. Rebekah.

Melanie said...

gut nacht, indeed! You guys sure must sleep well most nights!
Your posts the last few days have inspired me to get up earlier in the morning to get more done--I have no excuses!
We just have a small farm, and are on-grid, and have WAY less to do than you do.
Thank you so much for these posts :)
-Melanie in Canada

Carlton Family Farms said...

Well good luck with your ice cutting, it sounds a bit dangerous. I pray all goes well. I hope it last all year for you. Do you use the ice house like an outside refrigerator. I live in South west Arkansas and trust me we don't have ice cutting days so I was wondering what exactly are you going to do with all the ice you get.? Horses do scare easy and I would not have wanted tobe on thay sleig when it took off! I also have a 12 yr old son who does a lot of our chores. He can run the tractor and go get the hay bales for us now and all I have to do is open a gate and sometimes I don't have to do that. He and his sister do a lot of our wood splitting and stacking. She does not like helping with that particular chore! They do a lot of the cattle feeding and take care of the chickens. I used to have to be there with them, but in the last few years I have given them the responsibility of doing it. That is one thing that is wrong with our culture now. Responsibility is not being taught very well. We only heat with wood also and it is a never ending chore to keep that fire going. I wish you the best and have you in my prayers.

All Natural Mama said...

What a busy day!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the Ice Cutting tonight. Hope all goes well. I do know what you mean about the fires. We heat the house,the front part at least with our wood fireplace stove and if I fotget about it, the fire goes out, thank goodness for the hot coals. I've gotten real good about re-starting the fire. It is good that your children have chores. I think the same way as Carlton Farms do, kids now days take things for granted and have virtually no chores. You are bringing yours up right!! Good luck today! Bless you and your family and be safe tonight....debbie

Martie said...

I am really enjoying these posts. Thanks for sharing your days with us.


matty said...

While you are a busy bee, you are a happy bee! One can feel the joy in your posts! Keep warm, be safe, may you have plenty of food, and may the ice be plentiful.

You will be in my thoughts tomorrow!



Lora said...

what a sweet picture of you and your baby. what beautiful eyes (both of you! :) )
thank you for being such an inspiration!

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