Monday, January 11, 2010

a 7-day Journal of Living off-grid at Maple Valley Farm WINTER

January 10, 2010 Day 6

It is Sunday today but we still have to load the stoves, even the little ones get in on the action... Only 2 years old and such a willing little heart!
after some church as a family we eat, read, nap and play... We really need this day to rest. This Sunday was our "off" Sunday and we did not fellowship with a group like we did last Sunday.
many games are played on Sunday
Dinner was leftovers from yesterday (we made triple the amount yesterday so we could relax and just warm up food in the kitchen cook stove)
We sang some hymns again. "Bringing in the Sheaves", "Marching to Zion", "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" and "Power in the Blood"!
Some ice skating, some sledding and then later tonight some popcorn.
All ready to face the day tomorrow. School is back in session and I just have a feeling it will be hard to real them in! I am looking forward to a schedule!
SURPRISE: Tomorrow the Gentle Giant "GG" will be journaling for us...

some do simple sewing projects on the treadle sew machine...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like everyone had a nice fun Sunday. Have to have Sunday as a day off - it's God's way. Will be anxious to read GG journal. Will be good to hear from a man's point of view and what he did during his day! What fun!!..debbie

Anonymous said...

DH and I have colds but even so Sundays are always day of rest or family visits at our home.
Everyone needs a day to regroup for the coming week.
Love reading your day book/journal

matty said...

I so enjoyed the ice gathering journal entry! Fantastic! Hope you had a blessed day!



Renata said...

Ang, I must say I am thoroughly enjoying reading your journal. Thanks for sharing your life with us!
Your pictures are amazing - the beautiful blue sky against the snow is gorgous! Your Sunday sounds so relaxed! A special day spent with the family sounds wonderful! Here (being summer) we went to a natural springs pool nearby with some people from our church - lots of fun as well!

Tea with Willow said...

Special family time - definitely to be treasured! I love the photo of your little one carrying the log ... please could you send him over to the UK to teach my teens how to help with chores?!!!

Willow x

Homemaker Ang said...

thanks for all the kind words! Renata, this sounds like a great sunday!!!

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