Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a 7-day Journal of Living off-grid at Maple Valley Farm WINTER

January 11, 2010 Day 7

I will tell you, this is the easiest time on the farm! WINTER is... I almost feel sorta lazy. But, summer is coming! We can talk then about that lazy feeling. It will kick us in the rear end hard before you know it.

Speaking of summer, its going to be warm here the next couple of days, highs in the upper 30's! Yes! No snow in site either. Today, I was out cross country skiing in the sunshine, it felt great!

Ok, now for the Gentle Giant's journal entry yesterday, aka "GG". He took the challenge literally, and it true man fashion, he put down each time and entry in a more "mannish" way... You will see :)

4 am load stoves, bring down The Great Him into our bed but change diaper first

4:15 am return to slofa

6:00 am start coffee, dedicate day to the Lord

6:30 am play with baby girl and load stoves again, get dressed and brush teethers

7:30 am wake up youngy and make bobbymore for The Great Him

7:45 am check voice mails

8:00 am call over to LV to see if they need a lift this way

8:05 am start reading Psalm 95&96

8:30 am take a call to see if a family can use horses to move a building with the fresh snow

8:40 am finish devotion and personal time and go to shire to try and get plumbing unfrozen! This is me praying

9:30 am finish thawing reservoir and pipes, begin to fill reservoir

9:35 work to finish morning chores

1o am turn out horses

10:15 am come in to discipline the Great Him

10:35 am finish phone call with mulch layer manufacturer in PA

10:55 am call plastic culture company in PA

11 am discuss agritourism article read this morning with the great homemakerang

11:03 am try to consider a way to have my wife who is the the glory of man, feel glorious (awww, Ang here... hmm wonder if this is going to cost me :) HA!)

11:05 am look out and see that the pump is no longer running *note that this is while I'm working on bettering my marriage

11:30 am get the pump working again, needle is sticking in the carb from the moist, frigid air. Oil and gas is ok.

11:40 am headed to shop to work on manure spreader

NOON move spreader into shop, 3 bolts off spreader, start woodstove going in shoppe, pump still going, tite for essa with der family

12:38 back to the spreader, pump still running

1:15 turn off pump, return to the spreader

4:30 roll out round bale for beef herd

4:45 muck the horse stalls

4:55 eat cookies brought from daughter to me, fresh baked, close up shoppe

5:00 ask son to unload firewood into wash house. make phone calls and discuss the evening

take call for girth around back to front of Jim and Bill for custom jingle bell harness!

into the eve, made stir fry for kids, Ang and eldest go out for some time, play lincoln loggers and put babies to bed

I think you have heard enough now. The show must go on...

good day!


Laurie said...

He did a great job! Kuddos to GG! But boy are you busy..when do u sleep?

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Great Job!! Wonder why men tend to list instead of paragraphs. Guess us wemon yammer more!! lol Another day coming to an end...debbie

Cinnamon said...

What a great peek into your day from a "man's" perspective. Thanks for sharing.


goatmilker said...

Tell the GG he did a great job! I loved it. Have a great day Ang.

Kelle said...

GG, you did just fine. Mike would have done it the same way. That is why women are women and men are men, PTL!

Winter time is such a blessing, even though it has very different chores from the other seasons, it is nice to relax and enjoy some off time.

Blessings for your day,

Patsy said...

I had to laugh. So typical for a man. What is bobbymore?

Home Sweet Home said...

Thanks for letting us peek into your lives via your GG...nice to see a man's perspective...sounds just like my dh would write...wow, what a busy life you all live...like one person wrote...when do you sleep? LOL


Alice said...

Maybe we should all have our hubby's write about their day! My hubby made my day special 1/12 (my bday) by inviting 2 special guests over for a homemade (as always) hamburger and fries dinner (homemade buns anyone?) MMM! A coldstone ice cream cake for dessert and a wonderful day. It didn't take much to make my day special and I'm sure Ang had a special day as well!


Homemaker Ang said...

Laurie, thanks for the Christmas card!

RiverBend Farm said...

A great admiration goes out to you! What is bobbymore?

Anonymous said...

Wow! He did take it seriously didn't he? LOL! Very nice job "GG"!


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

OK, that was entertaining - and a lot of work of course - but I did about fall over with the "come in to discipline the Great Him" - that was very funny!!!!
And, wondering how he did in the "glorious" department! How kind that he thinks that way towards you!!

Homemaker Ang said...

a "bobbymore" is a bottle of milk for a nappy :) ~Ang

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