Saturday, January 16, 2010

The rest of the week in pictures

It is sledding time. Do we even have other options?We have been enjoying the winterness of Michigan and on the farm! Some cross country skiing and sledding... Wednesday the Gentle Giant cut his leg in a small farming accident. 6" long by 1.5"-2" deep. A manure shovel, shoveling saw dust and more. Strange, yes. He is getting around a little better now. Thanks for all of your prayers and well wishes. And, in the scope of what is going on in the world, Haiti and more, we are just FINE! So many blessings, so much to be thankful for. Hope you are enjoying your winterness as well! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
xoxo ~Ang and fam
Monday this week, the GG writing his journaling notes (see below)
some one is trying to be just like Papa! Or enlarge to see if you think The Great Him might be up to some mischief...
some wood haulin' as well (actual taken a few weeks ago)


Rhonda Jean said...

I hope GG recovers quickly and fully. I'm really enjoying your winter photos as I stare out into our jungle of green steamy plants.

Hugs to you Ang!

Cinnamon said...

Oh yes we love those snow days too. Our favorite it ice skating. We only go once a year though.

I love that last picture~ precious!


Cheryl said...

Enjoying your post, we are also enjoying our Central Wisconsin winter. Will pray that your husbands leg will heal completely. Just looking at your count for your canning for 2009, I love watching the canning shelves fill up in the fall. Need to ask how do you can milk? I have not seen that done before.

Anonymous said...

(((ANG))) I just love to see your pics....I am such a photo nut anyway. :-) I am so glad that "GG" is getting around much better.


Marmee's Pantry said...

So glad your man is on the mend. Farm accidents that be so scary. Love you photos, especially your house interiors.

Blessings from Ohio...Kim W<><

Renata said...

I hope your hubby recovers quickly. Loved the video - riding on a sleigh looks like fun (even if it is to haul wood!)
Your pictures are great

Renata :)

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