Thursday, February 18, 2010

The calm before the...

enjoy some beautiful photos of Maple Valley off-grid Farm
our grass fed beef and milking herd below 2009summer 2009
2010 will be even better!

I feel as though right this very moment is the last of the last hurrahs for reading long books, going to bed at 9:30 pm with warm and snuggly jammies and an occasional power nap.

I know that this is the time to accomplish the last details on the inside of the home that are calling out. The last of the purging and organization that goes to the way side for quite a few months. You see, winter life on a farm is really for inside type projects and any outside repairs that need to be done. Painting a bedroom or two or three, torching a manure spreader with our new friend liberty, mending fences and more.

Currently all of our milking animals are waiting to freshen, the hens are slow at production and the beef herd is in and out of the barn as they please. Our buggies are under the eaves, the gardens covered in a blanket of snow and the outhouse has a worn path to and fro.

You see, as always, I and the Gentle Giant have big plans. I must include him so you all know of the plans we scheme together about as we drift off to bed at night, as we drink our coffee and tea together in the wee hours of the morning. We are a great team as far as always having a plan, a grand plan! It is a lot of fun to have a mate that is a schemer such as yourself in the plans, hope and dreams department :)... I wouldn't trade this man for anything. He completes me!

The storm after this calming time is SPRING! Oh beautiful spring! I can hardly wait BUT I have lots to finish inside this old farmhouse before the spring outside. When spring hits we are literally outside on this lush 40 acre wonderland from sun up to sun down. School work is finished at the kitchen table and taken outdoors to the Michigan wildflowers of the farm, dirt between our toes, farm animals giving birth right before our very eyes, late night dinners outside on the picnic table with fresh salad greens and some tadpoles to look at in jars. Our garden is planted, the farm gets a sprucing up and I just love a good old fashioned farmer's tan!

Right now, those plans we are scheming about are these... these are our STORM plans:

a new (vintage farmy greenhouse)---you will LOVE THIS

our Maple Valley Mercantile farm-market store front completed to include all of your off-grid supplies such as wood cookstoves and more with bulk foods, seeds, compost, milk shares and Nourishing Tradition Super Foods... (a personal invite here)

launching our Weston A. Price group

An outdoor pergola eating area for farm lunches hosting climbing beans

making more of a potager our of our massive garden in some areas *** NOTE: potagers are nice but with a family of 8 and selling produce for a living, potagers are not a reality here BUT I have some more "girly" pretty gardens around.

a "pretty chicken coop" for some rare heritage breeds in the middle of that garden somehow...

Some new perennial gardens near the farmhouse

a new herb garden on the North side of the farmhouse with some shutters on that side

a cottage friendly garden down at the Maple Valley Cottage for all of our guests to enjoy

and more things not mentioned

I have a storm going on inside the house and just when this beautiful storm is finished, the storm of spring begins outdoors. I am not so sure of this calm... I always did like an old-fashioned storm... How about you?


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh, I love a good storm. Especially a good brain storm. I love dreaming and scheming outloud too, falling asleep and over coffee in the morning. Love that photo of the garden...

Can't wait to see all you accomplish this year. Envying your "space"...feeling cramped around here. Hope we can connect this year.

Marmee's Pantry said...

Sounds like great plans. I really liked the photo of the horses w/the approaching storm in the background.

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

Anonymous said...

Brain storming is good. Especially with a like brainstormer. Bob and I are like that at times, but your brainstorms are way more involved than ours, for sure!! Really enjoyed the photos, esp. the horses, of course!...debbie

Sherry and Russ Sutherby said...

Being married to your best friend, who is a dreamer (and a doer), is a blessing. We, too, love to plan and see the plan come to fruition. Every day is like a staff meeting! Notes are even recorded. :)

However, even though we farm, winter is our busiest time outdoors due to our sled dogs and tour business. We look forward to Spring when we can start to "take it easy" ~ no more wood to chop daily/keep 2 fireplaces going/etc. :) Then the real work begins with maple syrup and seeing spring sprung!

Such fun we will have, as we Bloggers plan our parallel farm lives. It's such fun to see everyone's plan for the future. Thanks for sharing Ang ~ I can't wait to watch it unfold!

Jenna said...

Ah, winter is definitely the time to plan and dream, isn't it?! Our problem is actually getting all of our dreams done...never happens!

The farm is starting to pick up over here with babies, though we're no where near as busy as you and your family...oh yes, our garden is being expanded ~ again:)

Thanks for your inspiration,

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