Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maple Valley off-grid Farms is the home to some wonderful milking goats. However, we have not delved into the fiber category with sheep at all! We do not raise lamb for meat. We find it is best to leave some things to the experts.

With that being said, our good family friends are our "go-to" people experts for all things fiber and "sheepy". In fact, someday we are hoping to carry some of their wonderful roving's and more at our Mercantile if they would be so gracious to allow that :).

Please stop in and to say hello and visit our good friends and fiber/sheep experts, The Sellers at Cotton Apron Acres as they are getting their new website up and running! And yes, these are the wonderful people that we named our Seller's Estate after in the farm house. And yes, they are known to do back handsprings with goats!


Parisienne Farmgirl said...



You know how I feel about painted floors!!!! THAT ROOM IS PERFECT!!!! I am freaking out!!!!

Anonymous said...

Angie -
Sheep are in many ways much easier to raise than goats.
You know the old saying:
"Sheep are born looking for an excuse to die, but goats take the first chance they get."

Sheep are just like little cows - except they can't have copper.
They are much easier on fences than goats or pigs, but much more of a challenge than cows.
In my life I have lost money on pigs and beef cows - but never - ever - on sheep.

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