Monday, March 22, 2010

March = busy!

our Kombucha tea station complete with scobbies
worker men of all ages and happy to help

other ways to use boxes!

into mischeif!


Katy~The Country Blossom said...

Great pictures! I enjoyed them all! :)

Anonymous said...

Great family photos!! Nothing like workin' with dad!...debbie

Mrs. Mac said...

I've got a Kombucha tea brew trying to grow a 'mother' ... did you purchase a starter? I'm trying to grow my own starter ... but it's taking forever.

Scottish Twins said...

What a beautiful family!

KXJ said...

How long do the scoobies last? I bought mine from you last week and still haven't made any Kombucha.

Also, I recall that Michelle said it was better with some sort of rubber seal (kept its fizz). Do you know what kind of vessel would keep that?

A Country Homemaker said...

Oh the kids look so happy in deed! PTL! Isn't it funny how kids always just love boxes? LOL!

Miss Carrie

April said...

Love the pictures! Mine always loved playing in boxes also.

Renata said...

What great pics! Your family is beautiful!
So pleased your Nourishing Traditions day went well - I managed to borrow it from our library (they had to get it in from a library about 700 kms away) -I´ve just started reading it & am finding it fascinating. Thanks for the encouragement to pursue it! Now I have a lot of changes to make here in my kitchen!
Hope you have a wonderful day
Renata :)

Regan Family Farm said...

Oh Ang, I so WISH I could have been there last week. I especially wanted to learn/try that Kumbachi (sp?) tea...maybe some other time!

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