Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Mini Nourishing Conference was a huge success!

Here is Neeshan a new friend and a successful health coach from Lansing, Michigan. She studied under Sally Fallon. She enjoyed her try at making homemade sauerkraut the old-fashioned way! Now we leave it to ferment 3-5 days and take it to cold storage. No canning required! We had a great turn-out, over 30 people came through out the day.

Here is a view of some of the wonderful audience we had! THANK YOU all for coming! We are so blessed to have many new friends here at the farm!
And we loved seeing the 2 sweet nursing babies as well!

Some of our menu, homemade sauerkraut from January 2010, Jenni and Tammy pitched in with 2 wonderful deserts, Nourishing Traditions Macaroons (long story as to where they disappeared to) and Blueberry cobbler. I made the chicken type casserole with fresh Michigan herbs, organic brown rice with organic scallions, organic chicken stock and butter including Maple Valley Farms very own grass fed chicken meat. Michelle brought her wonderful ranch dip the NT way and some fresh organic veggies. Oh yes, don't forget the wonderful yoghurt soaked oat groats and fresh Maple Syrup we had for breakfast! You must come next year! We had a great day together and covered 90% of the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. We sell the books right here, no shipping and a good percentage off, we are comparable with amazon!

here is HomemakerAng and her sweetie taking a pound or two at the krat! Hope to see you next year! Don't forget our meetings each 2nd Tuesday at the farm. They are free and next month we talk about brewing Kombucha tea at home!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Big Crowd! Looks as if everyone enjoyed their conference! food looks mighty fine!!...debbie

All Natural Mama said...

I've attempted homemade kraut the past 3 years. Last year I succeeded with a 20 pound batch, only to find little worms swimming around when it was time to eat it! What in the world? Were they (or the eggs) already on my homegrown organic cabbage before I cut & made the kraut? Never did figure this out. Anyone??? Help???


Homemaker Ang said...

penny, (love the name:) )

I am thinking you brought the worms from the garden... I leave our cabbage right before the last hard frost to kill off some of the buggies and then store in root type cellar storage then i krated it this Jan. i did not have any worms.

just my 2 cents, everyone else jump in!

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Had a great time Ang, thank you so much. You did an awesome job!

As for the worms, eeewww! No answers, just eeewwww! I feel bad for you Penny, all that work and waiting and then worms. Don't give up though.

A Country Homemaker said...

Oh I wish I could have gone. I have pondering this NT for awhile. I had always heard negative issues with it in regards to "faith" issues. I have not read the book, but am very interested.


Jenni said...

Thank you Ang it was so fun. I love being around people who talk food and how to keep your family healthy. I am sooo sad that I won't be at the next meeting. I will think of you while I am in the Smokey Mountains.

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