Sunday, April 18, 2010

The 3rd of many rooms getting a remodel... all on a twist-tie budget!

I recovered our chairs with burlap (left). A CHEAP and big and improvement! Gives the room a more earthy and farm feel!

The Gentle Giant made the table with the myrtle on it for me. It is something I will always treasure... He made it for a Christmas gift also, on a twist-tie budget like this kitchen remodel. I was so surprised as we had promised not to buy gifts for each other this past year. He made it all out of wood that we had and our son helped him.I used left over paint and what I did have to buy only cost $5- for mi stint cans... I always look at the mi stint racks of paint first... I took the cupboard doors off and sewed curtains for the fronts with rick-rack on the bottom. I figure I can have all different fabrics to mix it up a bit for the seasons etc. I painted the cupboards white and distressed them. I put these funky, eclectic cabinet knobs on that were only about .50c a piece! I was so pleased when I tore off the ugly back splash and 1970's counter top that the wood already was cool and distressed and then I just applied poly on top of it.
The walls are painted tan. And they seem to change colour throughout the day. I am pretty happy the way it turned out but I am only 25% finished as now I need to move onto the "sun room" side and then finally finish with the family room. The family room will be a really big project.

I know you will enjoy the redo as well when you come to visit the farm at a cheese or soap making class! Hope to see you soon! ~Ang

I am tempted to pull the siding off the house next. Don't say "I dare you Ang" because you know I got it in me to do it! I already learned this spring how to hook up and run the miter box and run it all by myself with the generator. My husband just loves when I do things like this :)...


Anonymous said...

Do like your kitchen! And the table your hubby made it jsut great! You can use it for all kinds of things! Like your cabinets, do you have a sink? Does it have running water?? Might be a silly question, but I have no idea and am curious...debbie

Bluebell Country said...

Fabulous makeover...your kitchen is huge, and I love it!! The table your husband made is just awesome, and a very special gift.
Peace and Grace to you and yours.

Beautifully Veiled said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love your "twist-tie budget" decorating! Thanks for sharing!
Linda in GA

Dixie Trish said...

I love your reno, and I LOVE the wooden floors in your kitchen, the table, and the idea of the fabric curtains on the upper cupboards so you can change it around. Very welcoming and fresh.

Kelle said...

Your kitchen is lovely and tell your Dh the table is beautiful, he should consider building furniture for a living! I bought an old Librabry table and my Dh put a top of half granite and half cutting board top on it for me and it is the most used piece of furniture, besudes the wood cookstove, in our home!

Love all the other pictures and updates, I just don't have time to comment on each. Thanks for sharing your birthing videos. We awaiting our Dexter calf on or around the 30th. YEAH!

Blessings from,
The Never Done Farm

Julie said...

Love the kitchen!!! It looks awesome.

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