Sunday, April 25, 2010

a weekend at Maple Valley off-grid Cottage!

we love it because we can "get away" but we can keep the chores goin' night time is the best time for games and stories and funnel cakes around the bon-fire!
priming the pitcher pump for the cottage kitchen cookin' some grub!
it was snuggly and FUN!
head lamps are part of our wardrobe now :). I used to be caught on errands with an apron that I had forgotten to take off... Now its an apron and a head-lamp :)!
The best part... We felt of vacation but we could still do all the chores. We didn't mind the "drive home" either :)... We just walked!

We have officially "un-winterized" the cottage! We have water again! We have a cool farm sink we are going to hook up just for you and ours :) ! Find out more about your stay at the Maple off-grid Cottage here with more pictures here...

How about a "musharoon hunt" at Maple Valley Farms. We are just a few miles away from 2 state forests as well as our own property to hunt for the praised morel mushroom, a Michigan delicacy... We do the cookin' and you do the huntin! Call the farm for all the great details!

Maple Valley off-grid Farm 616-566-8481


Bluebell Country said...

We still have our headlamps and yes they become part of your every day wear...heehee.
The morels are just coming out in our part also. Love some morels!

Blessings friend!!

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

Hehe...your comment about your apron and head lamp wearing made me snicker! :) The cottage looks darling!

Chai Chai said...

We so want a hand pump for water, but it costs so much for a well that we have to wait.

Headlamps, we may try this.

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