Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's haying season again!

look at this! Gentlemen, start your engines! aka "Gentle Giant, MAN your horses!"
Don't mess with Belgian teams! One of these might not be around to long. SHE is very marish... If you know what I mean?

These feet were made for walkin' and they will walk all over you! WE STILL are so cautious and nervous when we work with all 8,000 lbs of these animals and have great respect for them!
at 39 years - giving a pep talk to the team! 2 years ago hubby had HIGH blood pressure, overweight by 65 lbs and wore a CPAP! Worked inside all day! TODAY: by the GRACE of God - blood pressure is completely normal, lost 65 lbs, NO CPAP now and with 5 eggs a day and pure grass fed red meat, heart and cholestrol are PERFECT! He is happy, happy to have this junk behind him!
our son LOVES farmin' with His dad! Don't let his seriousness fool you either! To think we could have missed all this! To think!!!! Thank you LORD! Even with the hard times, THANK YOU LORD!


Anonymous said...

Good luck getting in your hay. It won't stop raining here :-(
Glad your husband is feeling better.

Farming is a hard life ....but it's the good life.

Here's to a wonderful summer!

Nancy said...

What a wonderful story. So encouraging to be reminded that in spite of the hard work of farming, there are so many rewards.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this post, my husband is on his way to a healthier "you" also....Abba showed us so many things that were not healthy! Shalom!

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