Friday, July 23, 2010

our first and annual spelt harvest!

we spent about 2 days on our first and annual spelt harvest! you won't convince us that little people do not like chores!
He loves feeling part of this big picture even though he is only a wee 2 years young...
a lot goes on in this barn at Maple Valley off-grid Farm! It was milking time during this screening!
I love the father and the son camaraderie that happens at times like this!
We never "grew bread" before! Can't wait to make some of our homemade spelt bread that we grew ourselves! We know you will enjoy our organically grown spelts as well and might even enjoy a bread class here at the farm!

800 lbs. of spelt berries! We will have plenty of bread this year! :)
I cannot wait to grind the spelt berries!
I think I will have many helpers to do it with me! What do you think?


Valerie said...

How exciting, your first harvest! I hope you are going to share your bread recipe. :-) Love the pictures of your hard working men. :-)

Kathy in KY said...

This is wonderful, Ang! And I love the way your whole family works together. And you know exactly where the spelt came from and how it was processed - excellent! Yes, please share your recipe with all of us when you do make your bread. Take care, from KY, and thanks for sharing your life with all of us.

Wyatt said...

Awesome! Very exciting and can't wait to hear about your first loaf of bread! How many acres of spelt did you have to grow to get that many berries?

Caroline said...

How exciting. I bet the bread is going to be out of this world!!

I love seeing all your pictures!! Thanks for sharing.

Renata said...

This is great! Harvest is always so much fun!
Are you planning to sell it as well - or is it for your own use?
Gorgeous pictures - I love seeing fathers & sons working together!
Hope you have a lovely weekend

Andi said...

That is wonderful! What a blessing!

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