Tuesday, July 6, 2010

someone is ready to be "fresh"

it was a false alarm yesterday... but she is getting ready

I never believe it until I see it! I am to much of a realist it seems!
I feel for her...
we will keep you all posted and keep up on Facebook (right side bar) for up to the minute updates and news for Maple Valley off-grid Farm!


Anonymous said...

Where is she going down the road?? For a walk? Do you put her in another field during the day? She is pretty, can't wait to see the new calf!! ...debbie

Treasures Evermore said...

Looking forward to the "news".

Have a great day.

Kelly Klassen said...

How exciting I hope all goes well!

Sarena said...

Oh yes I do feel for her!

Jenna said...

Don't ya love it how they show signs for DAYS and sometimes weeks before they calve?!? Cow's sure know how to keep us guessin'!

Are you wanting a heifer or a bull?

Hope that the birth is a healthy one,

Terry said...

Udderly Exciting!

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