Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chicken butcher day

All 8 of us, all day! A family affair! Lot's of fun and good food (not chicken today!
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Anonymous said...

Oh I'd love to have seen more pictures of you guys butchering. We need to get our butchered as well here. Sadly, we are down to only 7 chickens and one turkey thanks to the neighbors dog!

Anonymous said...

Well, they look nice and fat!! lol...debbie

Kathy in KY said...

They look wonderful! But I don't blame you for not eating chicken tonight! LOL - take care, Ang, from KY. And thanks for all of your help.

Renata said...

Well done! I can relate to your last comment - when we butchered our sheep, we had one of the roasts for tea. It was awfully hard to choke it down. I should have pulled something out of the freezer instead.
Enjoy the beautiful bounty the Lord has provided for you!
Renata :)

Kelle said...

Congrats, it's a job nobody looks forward to doing but.... they sure are a blessing in the pantry/ freezer aren't they? We're waiting for cooler temps( mid to end of Sept.) to butcher our chickens and turkeys.

You are right the feet and necks make the BEST broth, as do the older layers :o)

We've been butchering our own poultry for over 15 yrs now and I still don't think I could eat chicken on butchering day. Glad we don't have to butcher a chicken in the morning for our supper that night*wink*

Watched your TV videos, they were wonderful! Praying that it inspires people in your area to shop locally, as well as share your wonderful farm.

Frugal Life UK said...

they have such long legs, they look very good and nothing like the much we buy in shops, organic free range chickens cost about £10 here for one that size ($20) or even more, they do look big and so healthy

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