Thursday, August 19, 2010

The first of many

Quail eggs...
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Anonymous said...

Aren't they pretty! ...debbie

Diane said...

I have been a reader for awhile but haven't commented much. Have a question about the size eggs you are holding. We have game hens that will be laying next spring with about the same size eggs. When cooking recipes that call for one large eggs what is equal to these smaller size eggs? Would it be two to one?
Thanks and Blessings

Homegrown Family said...

We've raised quail before, it was so much fun. We had Pharoah Quail and the males made such a beautiful trilling sound. I was amazed at 3 weeks old breeding and laying eggs.

We pickled them plain and cajun style and sold them. They were alot of fun. Of course in southern Mississippi the cajun sold alot faster than the plain.

Erika in Mississippi

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