Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2010 organic herbs harvest

A sampling of our harvest... I always like to "see" the herbs on the stage and dry some bunches this way and then more simply in another way.

From left to right may I introduce you to: fennel, basil, dill seed, stevia, oregano, cilantro seed, rosemary, mint, sage, cayenne peppers, Muzak garlic and faithful lemon balm...

These players will be enjoyed all winter and into the spring until "the next generation" takes over for them...

What are your favorite things to dry? I have a "ton" of fennel root as well... Any suggestions friends?
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Dawn said...

I have a ton of fennel. I just like it growing amidst my flowers. It adds such a nice texture.
And the just never stops invading.
Love the lemon balm.

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