Friday, September 3, 2010

summer feels like it is coming to an end!

we are winding things up and harvesting every morsel we can get our hands on! We are drying herbs, canning tomatoes and more... It is time to start the process of putting the gardens to rest until spring... What are you doing at your place to start getting ready for fall? Happy Weekend!
-photo: HomemakerAng harvesting fresh basil for pesto! -


Kathy in KY said...

I just took a trip to my beloved Casey Co KY to help my friend with some work on her farm. We cleared out weeds and the old tomato plants off of 6 cattle panels, and it was a pretty long job, about 4 hours worth, and then we put the panels in the barn for the winter. When I move to the cabin, I hope to get some cold frames in so I can have a few greens before it gets too cold - using straw bales and some old greenhouse windows. The basil looks great, and pesto sounds fantastic - thanks for sharing with us. take care, from KY.

The Three Little Bears said...

Hi, I had to move my blog again so that I could have a new blog profile as well. So sorry for the confusion! Here is the link to the new one, just moved everything over today:

(Formerly Hot Belly Mama)


Trying for fall and winter gardens here in N TX. Summer garden did not do well and I just bought my first pressure canner. Also bought my first breeding rabbit trio. Will breed them October 15 for the first time. Hoping for enough in the freezer by next spring to take me through to the following October. Winter garden will be one raised bed filled with lettuce and salad fixings. Gotta fill the new strawberry raised bed and plant them and get them settled in as our strawberry season is March. Planting a whole 4x8 bed with garlic in October and will be (hopefully) be planting some hardy kiwi as well as staking and pruning my new grapes and fruit trees.

Sandy said...

We (ok not me so much as FabHub) are fixing fence to be able to put some goats on a section. They should clean up what the cows won't eat in the woods. I should get outside and clean out some flower beds.
Is that basil you are picking? What are you going to do with it to store? I have read about blending with olive oil and freezing into ice cubes, but you wouldn't have that option, so I am curious how you plan to store it.

Sandy said...
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Mrs. Trixi said...

Right now we are plowing under our summer rows and planting our fall raised bed gardens. Lord willing, we will have lettuce, spinach, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts until frost.

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