Tuesday, October 5, 2010

apple dumplin's and more...

our daughter's apple dumplin dough... Hello all,

I hope your fall is finding all of you well and blessed! Our family is a little less busy now that most of the harvest is done. I am still getting tomatoes, the one's I planted in the victory garden near the house. But, not sure how long that will be as we did have quite a frost the other evening.

We are coming up on that 2 year anniversary of our family moving to live off the grid at this 40 acre farm. I cannot believe it! Time has flown... Lots has happened. We continue to look forward to what God will be revealing to us as we go! There is still a ton to do! But God is still driving this thing... That was something I kept saying at the beginning of this story and this is something I am still saying throughout the story... But let me add by saying, "I would rather have God's provisions any day than man's"...

In honor of our 2 year anniversary I would like to open the blog again to questions. Please email me the questions though as I blog mostly from a phone and email would be best. Hopefully next week or around the anniversary (10-14-10 to be exact) I will be blogging your questions and my answers. Would you be so kind to introduce yourself in the email? The best email to reach us is at
angela@maplevalleyfarms.net Also, tell me some thing you would like to see our family blog about and that will give us more ideas as to what you like seeing here. We will not be answering questions about the amish and please make sure the questions are not to personal in nature.

Before you ask your questions you can read some that we answered
here last time. Also please remember we are not trying to duplicate our old lifestyle but to live more simply. At this time we are not planning on going solar or anything like that. :)

On another note, I do not comment on other blogs much. It isn't because I do not look at them, it is very hard to do from a phone and I am still trying to keep life pretty simple :).... But know this, each and every comment you leave here is SO appreciated and we read everyone of them, every one! There are quite a few fans that have been with us from the beginning and thanks people (you know who you are) for staying with us!

The Gentle Giant and HomemakerAng
and our 6 kinner


Pioneer Beauty said...

Okay if it's not amazing enough that you live off Grid...You Blog from your Phone..Now that's truly AMAZING!! I tried looking up my blog from my phone once...ONCE..it was terrible...I just couldn't do it..it was terribly difficult to read and scroll around...You deserve a Blue Ribbon for that one..I have been enjoying your blog now for about 2mths I think..since I found you..Oh and I will be making the Pumpkin Cake today.. : ) can't wait to try it..
Have a blessed day and thank you for all that you share..
In Christ

Huskerbabe said...

Once upon a time I read a blog by a lady named FarmerAng. I thought she was brilliant and I was amazed by her energy and passion. Then she announced they were moving and going off grid. I worried that maybe she needed therapy. But, no, she contiued to amaze me. And I am humbled by her faith and her passion to follow this new path!
Congrats on two year Ang and family. It's gone so fast from this end and I'm humbled by your life.
Kris in Nebraska

Renata said...

I love your blog & have been so glad I found it just before you guys went off grid.
I really love the posts at the start where you were showing us the offgrid everyday things - like your washing machine etc. Just the day to day is so very interesting.
Congrats for 2 years - that means we've been almost 3 in our farming career!!!
Have a wonderful day

Sarah said...

Congrats on two years! Your off-grid anniversary is the same date as my son's literal birth-day! How fun! I love to see your pictures and dream about living as you and your family do. Maybe we will make it out for a visit some day! Congratulations again!

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