Monday, November 15, 2010

A gently used clothing/linen/black tie shoe/board game drive

Hello blog friends,

No worries, this drive is not money out of your pocket but donating your cast-offs and used items!! We will help you clean out your clutter and you can bless a needy family in the process.

We are hoping you may be interested in donating to Maple Valley Farms (*although not tax exempt*) your laundered and gently used clothing in all shapes and sizes and black tie shoes. We are also looking for laundered blankets/sheets/towels and used board games (with all pieces please). The best part: We will pick it all up!

"Where is my stuff going?"

Maple Valley Farms will then be delivering the clothing to needy families in the Kent, Montcalm and Mecosta County areas.

Most of the linens will go to Amish families in a 3 church district range. All black tie shoes will go to the Amish. The board games will go to an Amish school in Mecosta County that has grades 1-8 and a special needs school.

Please email me at with your name, address and phone number for me to schedule a pick up for your donations. I will be picking up after November 30, 2010 - December 15, 2010 but I need you to email me so I can schedule your pick up. We can only pick up boxed/bagged up goods labelled "MV Farms donations". This way you wouldn't have to be available for the pick up (although we would love to thank you in person :) during this busy time of year! You can simply set out your donation in a designated area for a specific date/time pick up.

***Please feel free to forward this email to your own group of friends and then you could possibly be a "drop spot" for our pick up time/date to be better organized, efficient and energy saving/pollution on gas etc.***

Thank you for your consideration and time!

In the spirit of farming, family and Faith,

Angela Kuncaitis and Family
Maple Valley Farms
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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful project! And it is needed so badly, espically this year with the economy being so bad. I wish you luck and hope you get lots and lots of items...debbie

Future Farmer said...

Good luck with this effort!

I started blog, in which I state my desire to farm.

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