Friday, November 5, 2010


As the weather cools we spend many more hours snuggling in and digging deeper... Not into the soil as in summer but into our studies and into books... Today's topic: The French Revolution with all ages...

Each year I enjoy winter more and more but I already miss the fresh food from the gardens!

What are you up to these days?
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Treasures Evermore said...

Love the photo of all your children sitting around the table...even the "baby" is working:-) So cute.

We are getting ready to move come January... so just trying to finish up some packing so we don't have to think about it during the Christmas season and our hearts can be prepared for the the birth of our Saviour.

Mrs. Trixi said...

I too love that picture. So sweet.
We miss the big garden as well but my winter project is going to be the 25 day old chicks I have coming in a week. I chose to have them come now so that I have plenty of time to tend to them. We will also be building a new coop to house all of the additions.

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

A lovely photo! :)

Our days are similar...schooling, baking, snuggling in a bit more with the cooler weather!

I hope you enjoy your weekend ahead!
Katy :)

Tina Leigh said...

That picture makes me miss my kids being little...wish i could go back!

It is much cooler here..finally. High today 62.

Tonight we will have our first fire of the season in the fireplace....I love it! I have a pot of soup on the stove. I just cleaned a mess of mustard greens. We will have that with baked ham, limas, and sweet potatoes tomorrow.

Going to harvest some more pecans tomorrow so we have to eat good! LOL!!

What is your weather like?

pilgrimscottage said...

What a homey, cozy picture of the children! We don't have winter so, I'll be getting a potager garden ready in the next month or so after we move into the cottage. I hope you enjoy the winter. Wouldn't mind a little of it myself :)

Farmchick said...

This is quite a keepsake photo of your children. Nice to see them working together.

Our weather here in central KY is turning much colder and thus we will have our first fire of the season this weekend. I am also missing the fresh foods of summer.

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