Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 2011 outside at Maple Valley off-grid Farm

Looking south toward the maple Cottage... The Gentle Giant and his team! He turned 40 years old yesterday!
The January snow and sunshine are simply breathtaking... I actually don't mind January winter days... It is November and March that seem on the dreary and dirty side...
God's artwork is what I call icicles...
Der Shoppe Haus in the winter...
look at this chicken roosting on the pony trying to warm up I suppose! Do you blame her? It is 7 degrees!
If its going to be winter I say bring it on! Even an old-fashioned blizzard! We are ready... 2 wood stoves going!
the pines even look chilly don't they?
I hope you are keeping warm as well!


Treasures Evermore said...

OH WHAT BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS....God's handiwork that's for sure.

Happy Birthday to the Gentle Giant.


Valerie said...

So beautiful! We have had beautiful sunshine around our place this weekend...wish there was beautiful snow to go along with it. :) Enjoy your beautiful views around your place.

Clara said...

Beautiful pictures!!!Regards from Spain:)

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