Saturday, January 22, 2011

Per The Great Him's request

"I want scrambled eggs and beets for my breakfast"! - age 3

We always serve the littles what the bigs are eating and they never become picky this way.

American's underestimate the palate of children... Give them what you eat once and see what happens ;)

We double dare ya!
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Mumsie said...

My two "middle" grands love to eat our egg, sauerkraut and sardine breakfast! ;o)

Ma said...

I agree about not feeding little ones something different.(of course when they can chew it..LOL)
I see so many children who won't touch a vegetable & I think it's sad.

Ryan said...

Our Lillian will only eat what we eat, she is 10 months. She will have nothing to do with the prepackaged baby products. A plastic hand food grinder makes everything mushy enough for her.

Mrs. B said...

You are right on! We have a two kids with food allergies so we stick to meat, fruits, and veggies. And it amazes me that people are amazed at what they eat! They can't eat wheat, barely or rye so almost everything in a package is off limits.

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