Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things are ever getting back to

The "new" normal. We have reinvented ourselves once again... Life is full of changes is it not? The real challenge is if we can be ever versatile...
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Leca said...

Well this is cryptic. Are you gonna fill us in? LOL

Treasures Evermore said...

Looks like your son is doing well on crutches. Praising God that he is continuing to heal. And oh yes...we always have to be ready and willing for's inevitable. You are taking this with great attitude.

I'm sure the work load is a bit more now with your son out of commission...but from reading your blog, you all are filling those shoes.

You are ALL an inspiration to us.


Mrs. Joseph Wood said...

Yes! Life is FULL of changes! Praise God our God is unmovable, His ways are stable and He is never changing. He is the anchor in this ever changing journey that we call "life".

Homemaker Ang said...

we are just getting used to be inside a little more :) broken legs and freezing temps will do that :)

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