Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter at Maple Valley off-grid Farm

Some of our winter decor here at the farm... Winter is a slower time at Maple Valley off-grid Farm... quite a bit different than our gardening and summer schedule...
lots of time for snuggling and books... The way it should be on cold days like these! I love every minute of this!
We watch the days go by ever so slowly... 1 by 1... Shorter day light hours mean earlier to bed for us. You would be surprised how quickly you wind down from a day with the low lighting of oil lamps. By 9:00 pm some evenings we are ready for bed... Or we play a game of scrabble while eating popped corn and drinking home brewed Kombucha...

I am beginning to enjoy winter more and more... What are you doing on these long snowy days?


Treasures Evermore said...

Love your winter decor....we are in the throws of packing up to move. Yes, moving in the winter...should be exciting. The snow is suppose to start flying this evening, so children are all excited. Dd made blueberry muffins for her siblings and corn muffins for dinner. I like to have a snack ready when the kids come home from school....but since our one daughters adoption is not quite complete, she is not permitted to enter public school yet...so we are homeschooling and doing lots of baking.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your winter decorations and snuggling on the couch reading.
I've been running outside in the cold with cooper everynight. Our house training has it's good and bad days. Today was a good day. It was 45 so he was able to stay outside a little more today. He loves it outside and it's hard to get him to come in...when he's out however, he is like a mini vaccume...sucking up all kinds of nasty stuff that aggravates his already problemed intestines...debbie

Bluebell Country said...

Oh you said it with the oil lamps...I miss them so much! Your so right how fast you wind down and are ready for bed by 7. I guess you could say it's still in my blood (per se) cause this house still shuts down by 7 and I only like one or two lamps on and the wood burners going.
Blessings Friend,

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