Friday, February 18, 2011

A very windy evening...

This week the weather has taunted us with spring's arrival! However, we Michiganders know much better! But a sweet week it was with milder temperatures.

They say old man winter is coming back with his vengeance... I say "bring it on"! But not without some wood fired cinnamon rolls for a bedtime snack with ooey gooey frosting!

How 'bout you friends? Its been a while, has it not? How are you?
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Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

I have been out walking this week, so wonderful! blue skies are always a treat, aren't they?

We had sweet fellowship with the DeHaans tonight . . .soup and bread! Celebrating our Prodigal's returnt to his Father!!! Praise the Lord. They were baptized together yesterday!!

anyway, WE MISS YOU!!!! any Sunday you want to venture out just let us know!!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Kate said...

Would you mind sharing the recipe for these? Are they just cinnamon buns? If you have time my email adress is if you are able to share the recipe. Thanks!

kristen said...

I thought I would just send a hello! I'm a new reader from WA state. I'm a mama, a homesteader, and a plain Quaker woman (though I don't live off-grid yet... just live lightly on it). Thanks so much for sharing your life!

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Great to see your post! And I'm glad winter is back, I'm not ready for it to be over ;) New lambs at our house (a photo over at my blog) and we've got fresh gingerbread scones, hot coffee and a favorite casserole in the oven. Settling in with some wool to spin tonight. Oh and did I mention a snow drift chest high outside the big barn door?!? take care of yourselves!

Renata said...

YUM!! Those cinnamon rolls look just delicious! Hope you get some rest time in before the business of spring begins for you!
Have a wonderful day

C.R. Urban Homesteader's said...

WOW the more I read your blog the more I can't wait to get out into our own little off grid piece of heaven. How did you guy's get started with horse farming and what are some of the most useful tools that you would suggest for off grid living? Thank you guy's for your blog and all the great information!

kristen said...

Are you all ok? Seems like an unusually long gap in blogging for you. Hope all is well.

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