Monday, April 25, 2011

Escaped convict volume 4


Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Ummm, Angieeeee, are you doing okay? Sweetieeee, how many fingers am I holding up? What day is it? Who is your favorite mama to nine children? Me? Okay, now I know you are fine! Cute videos! I soooo needed a laugh today, just sayin' ;-) I was close to being the 'escaped convict' today.

BTW, the word verification was 'trial', ummmm, yep, that was my day!

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, Angie..... I totally am in agreement with Michelle! So funny, I too, very much needed a laugh today, " just sayin' " ( are we cool or what )kids are not the only ones who can say that! That was truly a creative video, you go girl!

Kim in Ky.

Kim said...

Bahhahahaha,Angie, you are so funny.
This made me lol'ed. He is one naughty steer, and sassy too.

Sonja said...

I think some time away from the farm is in order. :)

Sherry in MI said...

I haven't been on your blog for awhile so since all was quiet in the house with the kids all outside, I thought I would catch up. I laughed right out loud when I saw your escaped convict videos. The dogs thought I was weird. Thanks for the laugh today. I needed it!

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