Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SUMMER FEATURE **a magical place**... Leelanau

Growing up you would not have considered us “rich” in monetary means. A family of 5 living in a beautiful home, a one car family at times with one income mostly and very blessed. Picnics packed of P B and J for the backyard in our “wood” where our bunnies resided for summer fun. Homemade tents from the clothes line with marble brownies to nibble on made by Mom. Dad working long hours to provide a great living for us in a nice neighborhood while we rode our bikes playing “CHiPs”! We never traveled to Disney World (not that there is anything wrong with that) because we didn’t have the money to put it frank.

My mother especially still feels bad about this and mentions it to me now. But, I never felt as if I missed a thing. What should be noted and always remembered is each summer a **magical** vacation in Leelanau… Glen Arbor, Maple City, Leland… Oh Leland I do love you so! The water in Glen Haven is like no other for beautiful Lake Michigan!

Glen Haven, Empire and Northport… All magical places in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. I remember when Sleeping Bear Dunes was free to enter and not maintained by the NPS.

I remember the mystery of the drives on the back roads… Visiting Lund’s Scenic Gardens when I was very young and meeting Mr. Lund that has now passed away. Driving to Tower Rd and watching my father climb the match stick tower –most likely not the best idea (is this where I get some of my crazy antics from?)

Climbing Sleeping Bear Dunes more than I can remember. 669 beach swimming, a cottage stay many times but I remember staying at a quaint cottage on Little Traverse Lake as my favourite visit to Leelanau with my dear cousin and friend Wendy. My parents even brought up a second car so she and I could gallivant around…

Visiting Aunt Ethel and Uncle Frank (an interesting highlight), always a stop at the Cherry Republic and a stop at the ice cream shop at the end of the narrows. Maple City Community Church and Uncle Tom and Aunt Toni’s a huge hit for sure!

The funny thing is now that we are all adults, my brothers and I, not one of us has taken our families to Disney World, nope… The minute we get some extra time and a few summer nickels in our pocket we find a way to head straight away to where our parents always took us each summer, **a magical place** Leelanau

And I am most certain my children haven’t missed a thing…

Leelanau, Leelanau, how I will always love thee...

Where is your favorite spot to vay.cay.shun? Do tell!


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Doolin. County Clare. Ireland. I go in winter. I rent a tiny car. I stay in a tiny tiny cottage and spend less in one week than most spend in one day at Disney. I eat local food and sip on Guiness and write my heart out.

LOVE your photos

Marmee's Pantry said...

Lakeside, Ohio on Lake Erie. It's a gated Christian community & if it had a grocery store it would be completely self-contained. Some dear friends of ours are the 3rd generation to own the cottage they have there & about 75% of the cottages are on the historic register. There's everything from shacks to mini-mansions. There's clean, family entertainment, putt-putt, swimming, shops, coffee shops, little restaurants, a Christian bookstore, tennis, biking, horseshoes, ice cream, a little movie's been the only place in our girls' lives that, when they were kids, we could let them go on their bikes & simply tell them when to come home or where to meet us. It's 10 mins away from Marbelhead Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse on Lake Erie. Magical. Memories.

And I would LOVE to go to Ireland w/Donna, too!!!

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

Bonnie said...

Our county fair has been our consistent vacation spot for 20 years. When I was involved in 4-H we had the camper out there (my parents still do, for my siblings that are still in 4-H), and would stay for the week.

I still go out everyday with my small fry, and last year waddled my 39 week pregnant self around with 3 children, much to everyones amusement. Yep, the fair is our vacation, and to save on expenses, I cook fair type food for dinners before my husband comes out with us in the evening, and that takes away a LOT of temptation when we have to be out on the midway.

The fair is coming up in about a month and a half, and the children and I are so excited!

Angie said...

Mine is Leland as well...I love that place. It is my happy spot! It's the place I run to in my mind when I need to veg out. Not a more beautiful spot.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Torch Lake...with mini trips to Traverse and Leland. LOVE Fishtown!!!

Mustang Girl for Jesus... said...

Nice photos!!!

Joel said...

Once a year my family heads to a small campground just south of Ludington MI called Buttersville. We set up our tents and stare at the flame of a campfire for hours. Lake MI is a stones throw away and Ludington's House of Flavors is just around the corner.
Lately however I love going home from work and play with my kids in the backyard kiddy pool. It does my heart good.

Suzanne Marie said...
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Suzanne Marie said...

Made me cry a bit :(
Prior to this Monday
(when a tornado hit )our favorite vacation place was our 150 year old cabin on Lake Brownwood in Paw Paw, Michigan! Most beautiful sunsets,peace and quiet.
The house has been in my husbands family for 76 years, a place of beauty, discovery and magic for 3 generations that we have seen and many more to come. Making more memories now with our 10, soon to be eleven grandchildren!

Thanked God for his keeping our family and dog safe in the basement that morning!! Lost many original trees, four trees on the roof and all kinds of damage but we will try to repair with insurance.
Need to keep the experience going for all to come!
P.S. Absolutely love your blog!!
(Sorry for the long post)

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Our all time, long time favorite is Montague/Whitehall on Lake Michigan. We had years and years, actually, our whole married life, private beach for as many weeks of the summer (or winter) that we wanted! We are 100% Lake Michigan beach people, BUT we are so spoiled that it has been private beach all these years. Can't bring myself to go to a public beach, especially not with my boys ;-)

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