Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3 year off-grid anniversary and a radio show!

Like time in an hour glass… “These are the days of our lives”…



Can you really believe we are on the eve of our 3 year anniversary here at Maple Valley Off-Grid Farm?  Wow, time surely flies if you will….  I would, we would like to personally thank you from the bottom of our huge hearts for reading here, for going along with us on this journey, for your interest and your encouragement…  It has been a truly incredible ride and “God is still driving this thing”…  I used that phrase at the beginning of this trip and I still am using it now.  We always want to be right smack dab in the middle of His will, no matter where that may lead us.



I have done my best as the writer of this blog to keep it real, to share our world, to keep it up beat and to be an encouragement to you to pursue your God given dreams.  I want to agitate you to dig deep into your soul and wonder and ask yourself some deep questions in your heart and to get some answers to the “what ifs” in the dreaming and faith departments…  Whatever that might be…



We have some exciting things coming up to celebrate our 3 year anniversary of living off the grid! We will be having another birthday party as a family to celebrate our journey, complete with a store bought cake!  We work hard cooking with wood all year so we will reward ourselves with a store or bakery bought cake again on this October 14th Anniversary!  Oh…the irony of our lives…  But we do have candles and believe me, it lights up the kitchen of this farm house just a little brighter mixed the oil lamps.



***We want to invite you to a ONE HOUR LIVE RADIO BROADCAST that all of you should be able to tune into to listen to a live interview with Scott Mc Causey of “Christian Devotions Speak Up” with yours truly, HomemakerAng! We will be doing the show live a week from today,  September 27, 2011 at 6 pm if the Lord tarries…  Please tune in and you can get a real personal feel of this journey as Scott and I discuss the NUMEROUS challenges and WONDERFUL rewards of this lifestyle that our family lives.



Back to the honesty part…  I have not mentioned much here about a residual illness and more that I have been stricken with since February 2011.  This has truly made my life much more challenging to live these past months.  However, per the medical doctors mixed with homeopathic remedies and my strong faith that Jesus truly is my healer, I will beat this.  But in this case they all have stated that “time truly heals all” and this is what I will need is time and more time with Him.  There may be some changes for me which means us as a family here.  But, be rest assured that “God is still driving this thing…”



And now, let us get on with this PARTY!!!!  Won’t you help us and join in to celebrate 3 of the best years of our lives on this beautiful earth so far???  You all have been a special part how we live and we thank you!  To God be the glory!!!  Lets PARTY!!!!



Emily Fay said...

Congrats for 3 years! What a blessing!!!

Sheila said...

I am sorry to hear you have been ill. I have been disappointed your posts were lacking words....please forgive me.....pictures work. :)

Homemaker Ang said...

pictures are better than nothing right :)

Treasures Evermore said...

Congratulations on 3 years...and thank you for sharing it withe the world...it has felt like we have been there with you...well, not really but kinda. LOL.

Praying for complete healing for you Ang!!!!!


Joannah said...

Happy three years! I have so enjoyed following your life on the farm.

I'm so sorry that you are still not feeling 100%. Praying for your complete healing.


Kim said...

We will " Be there or be Square " for the radio broadcast. can't wait!

Sending you and yours a healthy, happy, fall and winter, praying for strength and patience for you.

Just because....
" He has done great things "

Kim in Ky.

KXJ said...

Yes, it's hard to adjust to the fact that our bodies don't bounce back as quickly as they did when I was in my 20s, and in my mind I feel about 28 so just can't relate to these changes! I keep telling myself, I am aging gracefully... :)

Renata said...

Congrats on 3 years!!! I've been reading here over that long then :)
You've done so well & your blog truly is an encouragement & inspiration. I'm praying for you dear friend .

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