Saturday, October 29, 2011

The calm before the storm...

So they are saying this is a winter for the record books...  As in, starting in about 2 weeks...

Michiganders can pretty much take old man winter like champs.  However, this seems a bit early.

I wasn't always a lover of old man winter...  But, I truly have embraced all 4 seasons as nature's call brings me outside all year long.  

We are looking forward to cross country skiing here on our 40 acres and I would love a pair of snow shoes for Christmas.  

Talk to me in February...  But for now, we are excited for old man winter's arrival and we greet him with respect so he hopefully will be a little merciful on us Michiganders...  Yes, we are champs but...


Treasures Evermore said...

A very optimistic view....Last year everyone said that we were going to have a horrible winter..and we only had one or two days of snow...and very mild. So who knows. It's God's way of telling people HE'S in control of the weather...and no one can no the mind of God.

But from what I see with definitely get more snow then us.


Renata said...

I hope you have a lovely winter season. I know ours this year was long.... in fact it's really cold here even today & it's November tomorrow ( sigh ~ I was enjoying the lovely warm spring weather). Enjoy & I hope you get those snow shoes!

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