Friday, October 28, 2011

So what about the adorable off-grid cottage featured on the Anderson Cooper show? Would you like to come stay with us too?

We would love to have you here as our guests!  

Check out all the details about our off-grid Maple Cottage here:


Jennyr said...

Anderson Cooper piece...fantastic! I've followed you for several years through your journey and have been so inspired. My husband and I discuss your farm often. I was thrilled to hear your radio broadcast and then delighted to "see" the farm on television. We watched as a family and discussed where we could adjust our lives to be less dependent on technology. With your willingness to share graciously your choices, you have impacted many people. I wish you a calm and peaceful winter and look forward to your posts. I think you are so right when you say "God is driving it!" Your faith is amazing. I hope someday to get to stay with's on the wish list:)

Kim said...

Husband wouldn't go for it but I'm thinking girls (sister's) night (or two) out. You probably would hear us laughing all night. Would be fun though.

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