Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A free give away from Maple Valley off-grid Farm

Friends and family, we have a wonderful giveaway honoring the 3 year anniversary of Maple Valley off-grid Farm!

A DVD of unseen footage of the farm, our off-grid life, family and more!

To enter, please leave a detailed  comment below of your most favourite blog post that we wrote about our off-grid life and how we may have inspired you.   This is open to overseas readers as well as it will be easy to ship. We will hand pick the best and most interesting comment as the winner.

The contest is open until January 31st, 2012 midnight our time.  

Happy writing!


Joe and Jeannie Family said...

I believe my most favorite post has been the one where you are driving to the new homestead. It was such a powerful moment to see you and your husbands anticipation of what lies ahead. The wonderful excitement you had that God had provided the farm for your family. It was inspirational to me - that we can follow God wherever and he will provide.

Holly said...

I have to say I have loved all your post. Your "moto" so to speak, has been the most inspiring to me. You constantly say that "God is still driving this thing". You have kept your faith in God through this whole journey. That's how life works, it's not all pretty and perfect but sometimes just hard and unbearable. But if you keep your eyes on him and desires in his Will , he will stand by you and take care of you. Many blessings to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

I have followed your Blog since right after you started and have gone the distance it seems with you. For me there were 3 main parts from then to now. The post where you were going off grid 100% was so inspiring to me, that a family who had everything material wise was leaving it for a new life of struggling, and learning how to use a wood stove, and hanging wash in the oold, then bringing them in to dry by the fire so everyone would have something to wear. The nights you would read the bible by the firelight, playing board games...It inspired me to use less energy, and to even make my own butter, which was so much fun - The other 2 main happenings, so to speak, for me was when you joined the Amish, which you and your family had to sacrifice even more and put up with a lot from the Amish community and then when you left the Amish and opened up Maple Valley Farm. It's been a great adventure for me and I know for you and your family....debbie

Laurie said...

Seeing the video of you all talking about your new venture. Very inspiring. To know this what your hearts were telling you to do and absolutely loving it. Love all your posts!

April said...

My favorite is a winter one you left, telling of how the men of the area all gathered together to go and cut ice. It was very similar to stories my father has told me of how they cut ice when he was a boy.

Jo said...

I am inspired because you inspire others. I keep following you because our dream is to one day travel Canada and the US with our homeschooling girls and we'd love to stop by. People don't always understand us as well and our decisions, but like you, we have decided what is the most enriching to our family life. It's nice to see you sharing it with others as well. It's not backwards when we are focusing on our families! Blessings!

Renata said...

Oh Ang there are just so many ~ how will I decide. OK I love them all & so enjoy seeing all the photos & video you've put up of your farm & life. One of the ones I love was when you were first showing us through the house ~ before you'd moved in. I love seeing the way you decorated it, but most of all I love the excitement of that post as you embarked on a new adventure'! That you were trusting God in this was fantastic!

Have a wonderful day

holts said...

Gosh Angie...just one favorite post? I LOVED them all!
We adored the photo of the kiddos hugging the microwave before your family moved to your off grid farm!
Our family has been a follower since day one and we have change our lifestyle all because you've shared yours.
We would love to see "never" before footage,(are there bloopers?) Our family has many!

Bonnie said...

How on earth can I pick just ONE post?!? I have been reading for several years and am always so inspired, your are living the exact dream I've had ever since I was a little girl.
Some of my favorites were when you said you were waiting for some great epiphany as to why you all should never have moved off grid, how hard work and good food, are what you need most for a strong healthy body, the enthusiasm for each new adventure (even when it didn't go quite as expected).
I also loved also love the various farm classes, so much so that I am working out some ideas to do that myself here at home.
You proved that living off grid can be elegant, and rewarding when it so often seems to be shown as always dirty and full of drudgery.
The archives have been getting me through a rough bout of morning sickness (baby number 5) and it's nice to lose myself in your words and pictures when the nausea hits hard.
Looking forward to all your new adventures, now that you are back on grid, Gods continued richest blessings on your wonderful family!

Bonnie said...

I just re-read my comment and realized it didn't come out quite right in places- darn ipad. Sorry!

Kim said...

I have been following your blog for quite some time and I love all the post. The one that came to my mind that I think about all the time is the one where you explained how living off grid was not to get attention, or prove anything to anyone but it was a fast from the world. I love that and I know God moves when you fast and pray and now I understand why you guys are so blessed. You are living life the way God wants us all to live. Not just living "off grid" but to fast from so much is huge. I think it was the best decision you could have ever made and I would have done the same thing. If I would have thought of it. lol Hugs to you and your family. Kim M.

butterloveshoney said...

Ohhh- my favorite posts are the ones in the kitchen!! To get to see that stove and how you have figured out just the right way to get bread to bake in it? Love it! I also love the post with the link to pictures that a paper had taken when they did an article on your family. I enjoy it all, but just seeing the daily life in the kitchen is always my favorite!
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

i have been with you for a long while too and am inspired by so many of your posts. one that comes to mind is where you showed several pics of the inside of your house. my husband remarked that you couldn't possibly live off grid because you had such a nice well decorated house. when he realized that you did indeed live off grid he changed his thinking on us possibly living this way!!!

Tina said...

I love the post "Laundry and Jesus" from July 30, 08 (I just looked it up and read it again today) I now use my cleaning time to pray and reflect, being a stay at home mom I can become a little grumpy and selfish at times so off I go cleaning!! I love the analogy by Mary Jane Butters! And this is on my fridge: "And some, like me, are just beginning to guess at the powerful religion of ordinary life, a spirituality of freshly mopped floors and stacked dishes and clothes blowing on the line." Adair Lara

Your blog is very inspiring and I find myself moving toward a more quiet life and leaving wordly things behind! When you lived in Zeeland we lived just down the road from you on Adams Street and me and my little Ava(now 6!!) would come to your little flea market at your house! I still have all the great stuff I bought from you!! Many blessings to you and your family!!

Tina Jacobsen

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