Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We have big news...

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Svetlana said...

Why the change? Is it all over or just in one spot? Details!

Kim said...

Oh Brother!!! I almost had my man convinced we could live without electricity. :) He will be soooo happy!
I'm happy for you too. I know there are blessing with and without electricity. If it is what is good for you and the family and God is orchestrating it, great.
Love the new washing machine!! What a time saver.

By Grace Alone,

Treasures Evermore said...

Does that mean you have to change the title of your blog {smile}? Very excited for you.

Anonymous said...

Confused as to why your now back "On Grid"..can't wait for the story..
~~peace & love & joy & blessings~~

llggood said...

Um wow, kind of disappointing to me. Not sure why? Guess I really admired you guys for making an commitment and keeping it.

Kim said...

Um wow, It is apparent some viewers have had few if any life experiences! I am not normally a cynical sort, but that comment from llggood, just rubbed me the wrong way!

A humble person would never expect more from others than they themselves are willing to give. I have learned from raising 5 children never say never.

I love a person who extends grace, and Ang and family have put themselves out there, sharing their life. I am sure committment has nothing to do with this.

Certainly not a committment to someone viewing their blog.

Nuff Said......

Kim in Ky.

Jeremy said...

"Wow Im disappointed in you" ??? Wow I cant believe people would actually be disappointed that someone else did something that is A not sinful and B doesn't effect them. Thats why this world is upside down.

Sorry but think before you direct a comment like that.

I am disappointed that you, whoever you are, are disappointed.

Renata said...

Oh Wow Ang!! This is going to be a huge change for you all ~ I'm sure you'll readjust quickly though! So details ~ is it through the whole house or just part of it? I imagine electricity will make your life a whole lot easier ~ especially the washing :)
I look forward to continue following along on your adventures!

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