Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fifi is in the house - at Maple Valley Farm

photo by Jana Lynema 
Fabulous Fifi of Romantic Prairie Magazine and The Sophisticated Agrarian at The Maple Cottage.

Design by R. Lucas Scott and The Painted Farmgirl!

More information coming on where to see these fabulous photos but we do know they will grace the pages of Romantic Prairie Magazine

Check it out and subscribe today!


Candylei said...

I'll be looking for your photos in her new magazine. I know it will be full of eye candy!!

Happy Days said...

Looking forward to seeing everything!! I must admit I thiught Fifi was a new pooch...please forgive me Fifi...debbie

Renata said...

This sounds wonderful Ang! I imagine you had so much fun with Fifi. My sis has one of her books & we spent hours drooling over it!
Have a wonderful day

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