Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The weather on these 40 rolling acres at Maple Valley farm has been unseasonably warm...

 What better than to take a strolling nature walk, kitty cats and all
by the willows, 
by the stream and by the pond!  Makes for a wonderful nights rest...

How about you?  What have you been up to?  Please, do tell



Suzy said...

We have been playing outside and dreaming of spring. Garden planning has been on our minds. Our weather has been warm as well, which makes me wonder when we will get dumped on by the snow. Looks like you and your family has been having fun!

Candylei said...

Mixing work and play and it's always fun. Looks like a lovely place for a walk. ;-)

Gill - That British Woman said...

that's just so cute seeing the cats go for a walk as well.

The weather has indeed been very strange for this time of year,

Gill in Canada

P.S I am having a very "British" giveaway on my blog at the moment.

Deck said...

Our family has been hatching turkey eggs. We have about 16 total that we have candled and know are growing. 5 of those 16 have hatched already. Also, I've started a few seeds indoors: brussel sprouts, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce. My husband and I both work. My drive is long, but I wind down on the way home with my daughter, and we chat about each day. Then we have to care for our critters. Like your cats joining you for a walk, we have one that does farm chores with us, often hitching a ride on a shoulder. The goats get a bit more hay and the girls' bellies get looked at for the progression of their pregnancies. The turkeys and the peahen get tucked in for the night, and the chickens that were let out in the morning are gathered and shut in before the dogs are allowed out of the house. For the past week, we've been watching eggs for signs of hatching, and the other day my daughter was able to see one hatch. Then it is off to make dinner, do homework (daughter), catch up on Facebook (husband) and crochet (me). That's a typical night when there is no church, no after school activities and nothing else ... My favorite evenings.

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

We are lambing, Ang! Started last Friday. I'll have pictures on the blog soon. Saturday will be a big barn cleaning day and then shearing before the end of the month in preparation for the majority of the lambs. Keep your fingers crossed the weather doesn't turn to bitterly cold for the poor sheep when they are no longer wearing their wool sweaters :)

Renata said...

So adorable!!
Our summer has been rather cool, so it seems we've both been enjoying nice temperatures!
Enjoy your precious little one!

Future Farmer said...

I've been looking for farm work, as I have a 9 day break, in a week.
If anyone's interested in having an apprentice for 9 days, please let me know.

Tina said...

We have been spring cleaning over here...washing down walls and windows and getting ready to do some painting! With this mild winter..why not! Just made my second batch of laundry soap and researching making my own bar soap...we shall see! Adorable photos with the cats! Willows, streams and ponds...be still my heart!!

Tina in Drenthe :)


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