Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why are we unique on Pinterest?

On our Pinterest boards we are unique because we have only pinned photos of our life, our style, our farmhouse etc.  I am not repinning other photos from other blogs etc., only our own.  You can see some neat photos of our "brand" by following us on Pinterest
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Hope to see you here!

xo In the spirit of farming, family and faith,

HomemakerAng - The Sophisticated Agrarian and Co.

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Ann at eightacresofeden said...

That's probably a wise move Ang considering the concerns I have read about recently and people deleting their pinterest accounts for fear of litigation for using images without permission of the owner. I've pinned a few of my own Christmas projects but because pinterest ask you not just to pin your own stuff or self-promote I feel a little guilty when I do pin my ideas to share with others. I pinned a picture of my woodstove decorated for Christmas and someone used it for their Christmas blog post header - not that I minded too much. Though if I have read the terms properly I am understanding that pinterest can use what you pin for their own interests including monetary gain. Anyway, I'm staying with pinterest for now and will start following you!

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