Saturday, April 28, 2012

Romantic Prairie is on the shelves!

I was so tickled yesterday when I went out to the mailbox at Maple Valley Farm!  I screamed with delight to find a package from Fifi on my 41st birthday!  I have in my hands the most beautiful cookbook with the most amazing earthy recipes - The Romantic Prairie Cookbook -  Get your hands on one today! THANK YOU FIFI!

You will just LOVE this cookbook!  My friend Anne Marie from NaDa Farm is featured quite a bit with her mouth watering recipes in this cook book...  LOVE


I was thrilled to see the magazine Romantic Prairie on the shelves of my local grocer!  THIS MAGAZINE is FILLED with wonderful photos and articles - scrumptious recipes (our very own Maple Valley Farms Cheese Cake graces the pages134-135)  and beautiful farms + much more!  AND it is virtually ad free!  Pages and PAGES FULL of the best photos ever!  REAL farms, real food and just gorgeous!  FIFI really outdid herself for this premiere issue but I know this is what all the issues will be like!  Its rustic, very unpretentious, its fresh, it is so prairie chic!  It is what we have been wanting for a very l o n g time...

Get your hands on one today!

If for some reason the magazine is not in your neck of the woods, I can ship you one for $14- so just let me know! US continental only for that price, I can ship overseas with a shipping quote - just email me 

PS.  See Maple Valley Farm in many of the upcoming issues of Romantic Prairie! 


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