Saturday, April 14, 2012

Someone is VERY happy this day!

I don't blame him!

He caught him out of our pond at Maple Valley Farm

and what are you up to this Saturday?
Do tell me...

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April said...

we are dodging tornadoes...I'd rather be catching frogs!

Renata said...

Well it's Sunday morning now & in a few minutes I'm going to get ready for church. There is no Sunday school today as it's school holidays, so I am enjoying a lazy morning!
My boys would love that frog ~ they are into catching all kinds of bugs & frogs & animals!
Have a wonderful day

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

That is one of those laugh out loud pictures, just adorable!!!

Today we moved ewes and lambs, vaccinated the newest lambs, working on cleaning fleeces and then took my husband to an Amish friends farm so he could do some veterinary work. We're were about half way to your house - if it wouldn't have been so late in the day we might have driven by ;)

Have a great Sunday!

Julia said...

Oh my...that is a whopper of a frog! What fun!
We were just busy outside today and spent some time watching my niece showing her horse. I love this time of the year:).


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