Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer's coming to an end... But first

just a few more pictures of our visit to Rocky Mountain National Park - Estes Park, Colorado

Can it be?  I have know this man 24 years already...
sisters...  13 year difference
The Gentle Giant -father of 6- with "the babies"
 I am not kidding you that all of these wild elk, mule deer and more were so close to us... kinda scary actually, especially when a large bull elk started running up a mountain that Buddy and I had just climbed down!  We ran our hearts out...
brothers-pals - 10 years apart!
this picture sums up a lot of "her"...  we love this sweetie so much and she LOVES life with all of her energy and MORE!  Trust us on this :)
Rocky Mountain Nature 
the hiking went well... had to carry the little one sometimes but that was ok.  She was scared of mountain lions and "the big bad wolf" (her words)...
this fella was 20 ft from a lady hanging her clothes on the line just out of the park!  no kidding...
we love our Ruthie - she has grown up!  For many of you that have been here for a long time and from our other "HomemakerAng" blog, Ruthie still has her "Ruthie Rants" :)
a fireplace from a very old cabin still left in the National Park
I hope this little bugger doesn't destroy the entire National Park... seriously!
We had an unforgettable time...  I think you can tell by the photos.  REMEMBER:  These beautiful pictures still do not do this place justice!  

NEXT YEAR:  Team Kuncaitis will be camping out in the park under the stars!  MARK 'EM 

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Enjoying your photos!! Looks like fun! Your wearing a dress hiking?? lol...debbie

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