Sunday, August 26, 2012

No words

Dream Lake, Estes Park Colorado

Some of God's miraculous creation...  I am telling you that this picture, as beautiful as it is, still does not do justice to this area of the USA...  

The Great Him with The Gentle Giant and A Baby...  Picture taken with my camera phone


Tina Leigh said...

If I didn't know any better, I would say that was a fake picture!!

Girl, you captured many things in this photo!! Awesome!!!

Needs to be published!!

Homemaker Ang said...

Its real!!! i took it with my camera phone in estes park and trust me pics do NOT do this place justice!!!! we hiked to 12,000 + feet! so fun and great family memories and I made it :)

Laura Lane said...


kimberly in idaho said...

WOW!! I agree with Tina, this picture needs to be published. My stepfather lives in Grand Lake. It is truly a beatiful part of our country. I do not know how people can deny our great Creator after seeing places like this.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photograph!! Looks like something in a magazine!! ...debbie

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