Monday, September 10, 2012

He has an appetite we cannot seem to quench!

I LOVE watching my children eat!

Is that weird? ;)

I love seeing children with full bellies!  It makes this Momma so happy...  Did I mention he is taller than me now??  How do these things happen?  I must be shrinking as these children simply cannot be growing up!  Yes, that is it, I am shrinking...

What is making you happy today?  Do tell


HomemakerAng and Co.


Kim said...

Whoa Baby, gimme that time I come that direction, I want to eat there !! Waking up and raising the windows, smelling smoke outside, just enjoying life :)

odiie said...

My 15 year old son is eating us out of house and home. I always laughed when parents would complain about how much their sons ate, now it's my turn. Good thing we butchered and have a good crop of potatoes.

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