Friday, September 7, 2012

Love my role...

Precious times


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Your role is undefeated. Admiration from me to you

PS Loved reading my first issue of Romantic Prairie. So fun seeing familiar things!

Renata said...

Hi Ang
I've been meaning to come over & say hello for ages.... the problem with getting blogs by email is that it's not as easy to comment ~ the good thing is that I don't miss a post. I have loved all your beautiful photos about your life. I had to smile at this ~ I did ACE for my early schooling & we used those cards & now I've used them with some of my own kiddos ( I wasn't homeschooled though ~ I went to a small Christian school). Do you sing the songs? I still remember them all from my childhood :)
Oh & the newest post you've just put up ~ my son is doing a project on old tractors & I hope it's alright if we use your photo to put on his timeline. I love projects that they can do about something that interests them :)
I hope you are going well ~ you do an amazing job ~ such a beautiful Mama you are!

Oh & just to let you know our pig did have her piglets. She ended up having 8, but only 4 survived. We are really happy with that count for her first time. She is proving to be an excellent mother, although we have a few pointers for next time ( isn't that what farming is all about ~ learning for next time :) . I'd better go & get ready for church ( shouldn't get on here on Sunday morning, but just checked the emails). Have a wonderful weekend & please know how much I am loving your blog even though I've been a terrible commenter.

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