Thursday, September 13, 2012

My little tomato catcher

He is so proud each time he brings in tomatoes that he has found.  

Even though it could be his 21st trip of the day, it is as if each trip is his first find and he rushes in the door yelling, "Mom, we have tomatoes"!!! -spilling many on the floor

SO cute... dirty fingernails and all :)

What are you still harvesting in your gardens?

As soon as the hard frost hits we will be processing grapes from our vineyard into concentrate and more

HomemakerAng and Co.


Kim said...

Oh he is an absolute doll!!

Sherry in MI said...

My husband is the one who likes canning around here - he has been crazy busy doing canned tomatoes and salsa. We too have concord grapes and he makes grape jelly with them. Tried juice once, but didn't work out so well - we will try another recipe next time. So blessed to have a husband who enjoys this, because I certainly don't. :)

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