Saturday, October 20, 2012

a fat pony and a rainbow... OH MY!

This beautiful rainbow fell on our prairie tonight at Maple Valley Farm...  "She" was amazed at God's creation! 

Just a Saturday evening at Maple Valley Farms…

We are getting outside as much as we can.

Winter is definitely coming with the teasing of the cold winds… I know

what is behind these pretty colours…

The animals have a look and they whisper to me that they know what is coming…

The wood cook stove stays going 24/7 now and fall meals are in abundance!  
Winter squash, homemade chicken noodle soup and cakes are filling my kitty cat's bellies…

The fall color is still amazing this time of year.

I was usually not fan of winter but I do look forward to the rest it

affords on a farm and I now take full advantage of it.  It took my health to appreciate winter and now I do embrace it… FULLY!

Are you in a fall mood?

Do tell me. I love hearing from you! I really do. I have some faithful "
commenters", but why don't you step out tonight and comment for the first time? I would love to hear from you :)


HomemakerAng and Co.


April said...

I love the fall colors, but I do miss my garden (which has already suffered from its first freeze). I love a fire going and the soups that go with it. i just don't want the cold weather-yet.

Mary said...

Just finished our last week of work at the produce farm for the season. We are filling out our order for grass beef and our co-op list of winter staples.Looking forward to the colder months ahead, once we are prepared.

Joannah said...

It's so nice to see fall. What beautiful fall scenes you have to appreciate. Other than pumpkins on our porches, So Cal doesn't really have a hint of fall yet.

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

We had a rainbow, too, Ang and it was perfect because the grandchildren and I have been learning about Noah and the ark ;) I felt like God gave those two boys a "visual" to go along with the Bible lesson!

God Bless

Renata said...

Your photos are beautiful! I am loving seeing your autumn colours over there!! We are enjoying spring and although today has dawned very cold, at least I know we are on the tail end of the cold weather ~ I'm ready for some warmth!! Enjoy your autumn & your beautiful family!

Linda Lu said...

I love the ''smells'' of Fall. Stews brewing on the fire. The cinnamon aroma coming from our pies baking for supper. Even the leaves drying have a special smell. Plus the gorgeous colors. So amazing!!

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