Saturday, October 13, 2012

all about homeschooling at Maple Valley Farm!

photo by Abby Kuncaitis

With our school in session now for a month and a half, I finally can answer some questions about our Maple Valley Homeschool - Sorry it has taken me so long.

For the record, our style has not changed to much from the beginning other than I feel a more relaxed approach.  By relaxed that does not mean we do not take our learning VERY seriously.  Ask anyone that knows me, I put homeschooling first in our day and become more of a recluse in the fall to concentrate on teaching our children. “Farm Girl Cyn” can vouch for that! J  With this clarification, I also realized if I was going to home school a large growing family, I would have to relax a bit so that I could be on board for the very long haul.  After all, so far when our baby graduates from our home school I will be 56, so I truly need to pace myself.

***"One very important detail about the way we look at teaching our children and the way the world looks at teaching children:  My husband and I’s view of “excellence” is much different than the world’s view of excellence.  This premise truly takes a ton of pressure off of me as a teacher and us as parents.  We know that God called us to raise these children for Him and He also called us to home school them and just for these 2 facts, He has our backs.  If our children grow up to love the Lord with the entire heart, soul and mind, marry a Christian mate, can talk to people by looking them in the eye,  can hold down a responsible and steady job, make great life decisions and raise a family for Jesus and follow Biblical principles,  then my husband and I did what God called us to do.  We are all for children going to college if they desire and if they feel God leading them there, but this is not a requirement of us nor makes a child more excellent than another."***

So, here are two articles I have already written about our Maple Valley Homeschool.  If you have any questions about home schooling (and I never claim to have all the answers), please place them in the comments and I will be answering them in the next few days.  I will answer comments posted up until Ocotber 20, 2012.  Tell your friends as well so they can post some questions if desired. 

Read this article about the meat of our home schooling:  Meat is most important in your diet of life!

And read this article about the milk of our homeschooling: (fixed the link - first one did not work) you need some milk with the meat J                                                                                                                                                      

Lastly, need a speaker for your home schooling meeting/convention?  We/I  would love to help. 

You are welcome to post re-post these articles as long as you link back to us and give proper credit to Angela Kuncaitis.

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