Monday, October 15, 2012

4 years, 40 acres and here is to the next 14+26!

Happy 4 year Anniversary to Maple Valley Farms!

God has proved Himself here oer' and oer' and continues to drive this
thing in the most amazing ways with changes and all.

May we continue to always give him 100% of the glory for sustaining this
little family!

May we always be moldable and pliable for Him whatever way He has for us
regardless of man's thoughts or opinions.

We acknowledge that it is only because of Jesus that we are who we are today.

We are continuously grateful that we took this huge leap of faith and
would do it all over again… The good with the bad…

Thank you God for taking us on this amazing journey of faith!

And thank you readers for riding along with us!


Your servants, The Matts


Cary at Serenity Farms said...

You've said it best, Angie - as long as God is still driving ;)

God bless you all xxoo

Kim said...

YES !!!

Love Y'all

Renata said...

Congratulations to you guys on 4 years!!! It means we've been here at our farm almost 5 years. I have just loved following along on your adventure & I look forward in what lies ahead.
God bless you

PS. What does 14+26 mean??

Sun Valley Homestead said...

Love it...and so very true.

As long as God drives our lives...I feel it every day with all our adoptions. I couldn't manage any day with out HIM in control.


Homemaker Ang said...

14+26 is just another way to say 40 more years :)

Of course if that is what the Lord wants for us

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