Sunday, October 21, 2012

He always wanted a little brother...

and it took almost 10 years for him to get one...

Now the little brother wants to be a big brother!

I am not sure we can help with this one :)

In the meantime, look how cute they are!
It is archery season in these parts...

14 and 5

Happy Weekend!


HomemakerAng and Co.


Renata said...

My daughter has been praying for a little sister for so many years ~ I hope & pray she doesn't have to wait til she's 10, but it's in the Lord's hands!
Love your testimony!

Kim said...

I heart this to pieces !!!

Here is wishing y'all a plentiful harvest.
I have kept all of my boys zip up coveralls, just keep passing them down, I love hunting season :)

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