Monday, November 12, 2012

last political rant, but you need to watch this video!

The truth is the truth!


“PEOPLE, we need to take conservatism to a much higher and Biblical level in America!!!!”


Do not be disappointed that Obama won the race.  Mitt is the same!


Here is your “Pro-life” representative that is stating here OVER and OVER his passionate “Pro-Choice” stance that many, many, MUCH to many “Christians” voted for.  I don’t care that it was over 10 years ago when he said it either.  He had pro-life discrepancies right up until the election.  It is only 5 minutes, you deserve to see who Mitt really is.


The parties are the same…


When are you going to wake up and see this…


You deserve better.  Quit compromising your vote for the lesser of two evils, the lesser of two baby murderers!


I might lose readers.  I do not care.


I am the voice for the unborn babies that will never have a voice.  I am the voice of those precious tiny feet that move and kick and for the beautiful heart that beats inside of their little life!


I cannot compromise for the murder of the unborn… 


When will we truly take a stand for the unborn?








Theresa said...


Magnolia Tea said...

You're right about both parties being pretty much the same. We've known that for awhile. I'm afraid most conservatives are being led to the trough in blind obedience simply because they don't want to believe the awful truth.

That said, I believe we are just beginning to reap what we have sown. Here's the problem. Back a hundred years ago we WERE still a Christian nation. Now, EVERYONE thinks they are a Christian, but the walk doesn't match the talk.

God turned Israel over to heathen nations when they left His Word. He will have to raise them up and apologize to them if He doesn't do the same to this country.

Um, sorry, my rant was probably worse than yours. Both are true though. Have a great week!

Peggy said...

Ang thinks no one has the right to change their mind. I posted the 2012 video of Romney on her facebook. I still say if you are going to stir the pot for Jesus do it in the here and now on the state of the country now and what our president now needs to do. No one can change the vote so what Romney did or didn't do is of no value to us now. Judging him isn't going to change things. But working, praying for our country and President now will do a lot.

Rebekah McCausey said...

AMEN!!!We refused to vote for either side. We should not be compromising on any of this. God is in control anyways.

Kristi said...

Well said!

Adrienne said...

Romney's pro life conversion came in 2005 so this is really irrelevant.

He was presented w/ embryonic stem cell legislation and he refused to bring it to pass in MA. He has had a stellar pro life history since then.

I think we should applaud folks who change to move in the right direction. Why do we penalize them? Numerous pro life agencies (RTL et al) endorsed him both for where he stands now and how he governed in MA. I could be wrong, as could any of us, but I have analyzed Romney's position on numerous issues, particularly the pro life issue and I do not see the issues w/ him since his '05 conversion. If you are going to point to his discrepancies, I would like to read what they are. The MA pro life activists and the RTL groups around the country scrutinized him as well and found him to be their endorsed candidate. I work with Grand Rapids RTL and they are tough on their candidates and very thoughtful about what they do and they endorsed Romney.

I care very deeply about the unborn and was actually supposed to be aborted myself. Our country and the unborn are much worse under Obama - a man who even voted 3 times that babies who survived abortion should be denied care. And the Dem Party itself has abortion permitted all 9 months w/ no exception for partial birth abortion. There is a clear difference b/t these two men and it is a real shame that our country chose the wrong way for life.

Adrienne said...

I should add that I really do applaud Christians and non Christians for digging into the issues, but just because someone changes his or her stance on an issue does not mean that he or she did so for political gain. I myself have trouble muddling through all the details of some things and have had major changes in my life about issues that I used to or now take a strong stance on. Even some of the minutiae about the pro life stance. Some of this is an issue of maturity and some is due to getting new information - but we all need to look into things and candidates to see what they are made of. So I am glad that you brought all of this up.

Here are some links you might be interested in. Many pro life Christians backed Santorum, but he used to be pro choice as well:

and this one about Romney's conversion:

I would love to hear anyone's thoughts on these.

Homemaker Ang said...

Adrienne, thank you for posting. This family cannot trust a man unstable in his ways. He flip-flopped way to much. Even the "conservative" Sean Hannity- (I do not consider conservative) said he lost because he goofed up with flip flopping right before the election, see here
but this says it best for this household

Adrienne said...

I am confused - the Hannity clip is about missteps about the GOP candidates saying really ill-thought out things about rape etc.

On the 2nd video, first of all, it was put out by the DNC and I think VF should be really careful putting that kind of stuff out. I can't believe, honestly, that they would use a DNC-made video to show who to vote for - that seems like real idiocy in my mind. When my husband used to live in Chicago, he was once overseas for 2 years - when he came home he would read the homosexual newspaper and would vote the completely opposite way. It seems to me so bizarre that VF would use the DNC playbook in order to influence their followers as to how to vote.

No candidate always represents himself perfectly in every situation and I know I myself would likely say things and later realize that I should have said something different. The global warming comments were very poorly represented. That is not a flip flop. To say that humans are a part of the cause doesn't mean that you are in lock step w/ the GW movement. Of course humans are a part of the issue but the way the left has manipulated data and their solutions are all a complete disaster.

in general, Romney has become more and more conservative. In fact, Heritage put together the MA plan with Romney and it is a lot different in many ways than the US plan has come to be. I could go into the details, but the overreaching arm of the fed gov't to mandate coverage for abortion and birth control is just one part of this mess.

My family is in agreement w/ yours in that we stand for God's righteousness and not for man's foolishness. However, we literally spent since '08 analyzing the candidates forwards and backwards and we felt very confident that Romney would have stood for life firmly. I wonder if you knew his wife had MS and he still was and has been against embryonic stem cell research, which many would say is a very foolish political position.

On a side note, we worked to get this pro life speaker (Michael Spencer on the speaker list on this site) to Grand Rapids and he will be coming back. Please let me know if you would like me to give you more details at the right time. I expect his next visit will be in Jan and we are working to get someone from the group hopefully to a much bigger forum.

Let's all keep praying for the truth to come out. The man in the White House is a complete disaster on life and marriage and religious freedom and I am in great fear (tempered by my trust in God) about where our country is headed morally and financially.

Adrienne said...

Just as a side note, I don't know if I commented fully in my previous comment. My husband would come home from being overseas and would take out the local homosexual paper to see how that community was voting and would do the complete opposite. That's b/c he didn't have time to do all of his research, having just arrived back at home.

My analogy is that using the DNC videos to make a case against a Republican candidate makes no sense. If that's what the Democrats think of Romney, then I will for sure vote for him. There is sometimes a little truth in stuff like that, but often it is misquotes, out of context statements and just plain old lies.

Anonymous said...

I wish everyone would keep thier religion to themselves and quit trying to make your religion into our laws. You are no different than extremist muslims. There are many passages in the Bible that state that life begins at first breath. Believe what you want for yourself and leave everyone else the heck alone. Our country was formed first and formost on the pricipal of the separation of church and state because of England's Kings being the head of the church and the wars fought and deaths caused over religion. Read the federalist papers if you want to know the debates involved when our Constitution was written. We were not a "Christian" nation. Most G*d references were added much later. Dare you to post this one

Homemaker Ang said...

Susan, I keep my religion to myself right here on my blog - I can say whatever I please. You are the one that is visiting here by your own free will. Thanks for stopping by

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